If you don't have a summer cottage: what vegetables can be grown in containers on the balcony

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Vegetables on the balcony

The lack of a summer cottage or garden plot is not a reason to give up fresh vegetables. You can even grow crops in containers on your balcony - and it's not just about onions and herbs.

Cucumbers, eggplants, or peppers can also yield a good "balcony" harvest, the main thing is to choose the right varieties. What vegetables can be grown in containers - read in the OBOZ.UA article.


Let's start with the simplest and most popular crop. Compact cucumber varieties grow up to 50-60 cm in height and do not need a garter. Wide containers or hanging baskets are suitable. An important caveat: cucumber leaves are susceptible to fungal diseases, so you need to ensure sufficient air circulation first. The minimum depth of the container should be 25-30 cm. Gardeners recommend the following varieties for balcony cultivation: 'Athlete', 'Anshlag F1', 'Debut', 'Legend F1'.


A quality tomato harvest is based on three main nuances:

  1. you need to choose a sufficiently large container
  2. prepare a reliable support;
  3. take care of fertilization and regular watering.

It is best to grow cherry tomatoes on the balcony. The minimum depth of a tomato container is 25-30 cm. The approximate yield depends on the variety. Pay attention to the options: Balcony Miracle, Pinocchio, Talisman, Cherry, Japanese Indoor.

If you don't have a summer cottage: what vegetables can be grown in containers on the balcony


Peppers can bear fruit all year round. Hot and sweet varieties are suitable for growing on the balcony. Experts recommend the following options: "Jalapeno, Chili, Indian Summer, Carmen, Queen of Spades. Peppers in containers should be placed on the southern, southeastern and southwestern windowsills, where there is the most light. It is better to choose containers with a capacity of 8-10 liters and a depth of 18 cm.


Many people don't risk growing eggplants on their balconies, and they shouldn't. The varieties 'Universal' and 'Lolita' are ideal for home seedlings. Eggplants need fertilization and moist soil. Please note: eggplant bushes are quite spreading, so the stems need support. Minimum container size: depth - 16-20 cm, volume - 16-20 liters. One plant should be planted in one container.


Legumes will also take root well on balconies. They begin to bear fruit in a few months. Peas need support, as this crop grows upwards. You can choose any diameter of the container, and the depth should be 15-17 cm. At the same time, gardeners advise keeping the distance between plants at 7-12 cm.

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