"I cried during my first concert": Shurov tells what plans the war destroyed and admits he wanted to end his career

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Dmytro Shurov has been writing only Ukrainian-language songs since 2014

On February 24, 2022, Ukrainian musician and soloist of the Pianoboy project Dmytro Shurov was planning to give a concert in Bukovel. After hearing the news of Russia's attack on Ukraine, his family panicked and the singer began to think about how to get his relatives out of Kyiv. In addition, he immediately thought about how to get a minibus out of the capital to deliver humanitarian aid.

Shurov spoke about this in the programme Mus_Oborona on Dom TV channel. According to him, for a long time he was unable to listen to music and take up his art again. Even the radio in his car brought him to tears at the beginning of the full-scale Russian invasion (scroll to the bottom of the page to watch the video).

"In March, I realised that everything had changed, I was no longer making music. We lived with the feeling that we had lost our home, our profession, everything. It was a very scary feeling. In early April, I was offered to go to the military for the first time to perform, and I was driving and said: "What kind of music? When I hear any song, I start crying, I can't even drive. That's why I don't turn on the radio," the artist said.


Due to his emotional state, Shurov could not return to music and make plans. Moreover, as he stressed, he still has no inspiration to write new songs. However, it was the defenders of Ukraine who saved him from depression and gave him a bright faith in the future. Music and charity have become a kind of medicine for Dmytro.

"I gave my first concert and realised that music is a lifeline for me and these concerts will pull me out of this state... I saw people who had it much harder, who risked their lives. I talked to them and felt that it was important for them that we breathe the same dust, sing together, look into each other's eyes. I just cried during the first concert. And when I started singing "Вітчизна", I was completely overwhelmed," said the singer of the hit song "Шампанські очі".


In 2014, the celebrity began writing songs only in Ukrainian. To do this, he had to immerse himself in the material, read Ukrainian poetry, and listen to music in the national language. Since childhood, the celebrity has heard Ukrainian and Russian in roughly equal proportions, as his mother's parents are patriots and his father's is a military family, people who have spoken Russian all their lives.

As OBOZREVATEL previously wrote, Olya Polyakova's mother spent about 20 years of her life in Russia, where she moved to a new man after divorcing her first husband. The singer admitted that her relative had only recently sold an elite house in Russia. To find out how much the property was sold for, follow the link.

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