How to water spathiphyllum in winter so that the roots do not rot: tips

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How to water spathiphyllum in winter

Spathiphyllum is a popular houseplant also known as "peace lily". The flowerpot is unpretentious in its care, but it is still necessary to provide favorable conditions for growth and development in winter.

Housewives make a common mistake that leads to root rot. OBOZ.UA has found tips to help avoid this.

Spathiphyllum is chosen not only for its beautiful white flowers and bright foliage but also for the fact that the plant can purify the air in the room from carbon dioxide and enrich it with oxygen. The peace lily can also completely neutralize five of the most dangerous toxins: benzene, ammonia, formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and xylene. Therefore, it is worth choosing the right care methods to ensure clean and fresh air in your apartment.


The roots of a flowerpot are extremely sensitive to excessive amounts of water. This can lead to rapid rotting and death of the plant. It is important to pay attention to watering, especially in winter. Reduce the humidification and avoid tap water because it contains chemicals that will only harm the spathiphyllum.

In order for the peace lily to grow and develop, use filtered water at room temperature as too cold liquid can cause stress to the plant.

Water only when the soil on top is dry. If you notice that the plant is starting to wilt, then most likely it needs more water, and yellow leaves are a sign of excessive moisture.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published five rules that will help to properly water indoor plants in winter.

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