How to wash your hands after peeling young potatoes: old effective ways

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Even skin stains from young potatoes can be dealt with

Young potatoes are one of the tastiest foods in early summer. But peeling them is not just difficult. It leaves dark stains on the hands, which ordinary soap does not wash off immediately.

But OBOZREVATEL found out how to get rid of these stains quickly and effectively. Or avoid them altogether.

How to peel young potatoes without getting your hands dirty

The best way not to get stains on your skin is to protect your hands with gloves, such as thin household or medical gloves, when you clean them. You can also rinse your hands occasionally under running water. It will immediately wash away any substances that stain the skin and nails. A small amount of vinegar, which can be applied to the skin in the process, will also dissolve these dyes.

Another tip: Don't peel young potatoes at all. Their skin contains the most nutrients and at the same time it is thin enough and does not give a noticeable taste, but on the contrary - makes the taste of potatoes more spicy.

How to wash your hands after young potatoes

If you notice spots on your skin after working with potatoes, acidic remedies can help remove them. You can wipe your hands with a slice of fresh lemon - its juice will remove dyes well. A solution of citric acid or equal parts vinegar and water will also work.

You can also grind a fresh tomato in any way into a pulp and soak your hands in it for 15 minutes. After that, the only thing left is to wash them with warm water and soap.

However, after such a cleaning, do not forget to lubricate the skin with a nourishing cream. After all, the acid has a bad effect on it. It breaks down the protective barrier and makes the skin dry. Therefore it needs additional protection.

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