How to wash sportswear: what mistakes are most commonly made

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High-tech fibers in sportswear do not tolerate normal washing

Not only those who go skiing, snowboarding, skating and other activities like to wear sportswear in winter. Sports or tourist thermal underwear is very appropriate in cold weather and in the city. It warms well and does not interfere with movement. But some people complain that this expensive functional clothing breaks down quite quickly.

Experts say that the reason for this may be the wrong approach to washing. Often, such clothes are washed in the same way as the rest of the clothes, while in fact they need a special approach. OBOZ.UA figured out how to properly wash sportswear so that it lasts longer and maintains good condition.

Do not forget to check the label

All information about the proper way to wash your clothes is always on the label on the back. Always do this. For example, items made of high-tech fabrics are definitely not suitable for high water temperatures and intense spinning. And some may need dry cleaning instead of washing.

Don't leave wet clothes lying around in the dirty laundry

Sportswear wicks moisture away from the body and dries quickly. Therefore, they are not intended to be left wet for long periods of time. Make sure you only put them in the wash when they are properly dry. Better yet, wash them right away and don't store them in the laundry basket.

Choose liquid laundry detergents

If you can't afford a special detergent for sportswear, choose liquid gels over powders when caring for your clothes. A soapy liquid will dissolve better in cold water and rinse out completely. This will prevent the membrane from clogging the pores with powder micro-particles and protect high-tech fibers from plaque formation. Still, consider buying a specialized product. It contains special additives that better dissolve sweat and sebum, as well as traces of various cosmetics that can affect the special properties of fabrics.

Avoid using fabric softeners

The principle of fabric softeners is that they create a special thin layer of product on the fibers. But, as we have already found out, this can only damage sportswear. They will stop wicking away moisture, letting air through, and retaining heat. That's why no air conditioning is the rule.

Air dry only

Drying sportswear in high heat, as tumble dryers do, can damage the high-tech fibers in the fabric. Synthetic threads can melt and deform due to heat. Therefore, such clothes should be dried only in the air. Moreover, they are specially designed to dry very quickly.

Use laundry bags

The nets in which clothes are placed before washing protect the fabric from deformation during rotation in the drum. While this mechanical impact is not noticeable for ordinary items, it can result in significant damage to specialty fibers of sportswear. And laundry bags are able to protect things from such a misfortune.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you how to avoid mistakes when washing holiday clothes made of expensive and decorated fabrics.

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