How to train a dog not to be afraid of being alone in the house: a clever way

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Loneliness stress can have a very negative effect on a dog if it is not overcome in time

Unlike cats, which often like solitude, dogs are pack animals and are very dependent on contact with people and other pets. When alone, they can experience separation anxiety, a severe stressor due to the deprivation of companionship.

A young untrained dog can literally get sick in one working day while the owner is away from home. Therefore, it is important to properly train dogs to behave calmly alone. OBOZREVATEL tells about a professional tiphack that will help with this task.

The main task is to smoothly bring the dog to the understanding of the need to be separated from the owner from time to time. To do this, you need to show him that you can leave the house, but that you will always come back, no matter what happens.

Get ready as usual - put on your outerwear, take your bag, your keys, open the door and walk out the door. And then come back 10 seconds later. The dog won't have time to go deeper into stress before he realizes you haven't left him.

Gradually increase the duration of the exercise each time. The dog should adapt to the fact that the owner may be away from home for quite a long time, but it does not mean that he has abandoned the animal.

It is important, at a time when your time away will increase significantly, to provide your dog with some kind of activity that he can do alone. Buy her toys, allow her to look out the window freely, perhaps get a second animal so they don't feel lonely together. Having something to distract your dog while you're gone is very important to him.

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