How to sort out clothes to have perfect order in a closet: life-changing tips

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How to organize your closet

Cleaning the closet is always a difficult task for housewives. Usually, a lot of clothes are simply moved from place to place, believing that they will come in handy. But over time, it turns out that there are fewer and fewer shelves in the wardrobe and more clutter.

Express has published expert advice to help you put your closet in order. This will allow you to create more space and get rid of the feeling of being "overwhelmed".

Old clothes

According to the expert, if you didn't wear an item last year, you probably won't wear it in the future. Sort your things and divide them into those you wear most often, sometimes, and those you don't wear at all.

Then double-check the things you don't wear and say "goodbye" to them. Give them to people in need or friends or sell them.

Evaluate your wardrobe

Go through your clothes and evaluate their versatility. That means figuring out what outfits you can choose for different events. Take a minimalist approach and create a capsule wardrobe that has a few basic items that you can wear to work, for a walk, or on a date. For example, black pants, white blouses, simple tops, and sweaters in calm colors.

This not only simplifies the choice of outfits but also ensures that each item will be appreciated and used regularly.


Be honest with yourself and define your lifestyle. Review your clothes and keep only those that are really suitable for your daily routine and that match your current activities.

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