How to smooth curtains without an iron: quick methods

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Curtains can be ironed not only with an iron

Curtains should be washed every six months, but this task can be labor-intensive and time-consuming for homemakers. The most challenging part is ironing the sheer curtains effectively to ensure they are wrinkle-free.

Materials vary, and achieving satisfactory results with an iron is not always possible. However, OBOZREVATEL has discovered effective methods to assist with this.


If you have a clothes steamer, it can work well for curtains too. Hang the curtains on a curtain rod or any hanger and move the steamer up and down to steam the fabric.

Ensure that the steam covers all the necessary areas and smoothens out wrinkles. Afterward, do not remove the curtains; instead, allow them time to dry.

Spray for Wrinkle Smoothing

You can purchase this product in a store or order it online. It typically contains water and fabric relaxants (chemical compounds that help smooth out wrinkles).

Spray the solution onto the fabric and gently smooth the curtains with your hands or a clothes brush to eliminate any bumps. Let the fabric dry, then hang it on the curtain rod.

Hot Shower Method

To use this method, hang the curtains in the bathroom. Turn on the hot shower and close the door to the room. The steam will permeate the fabric, straightening the fibers.

After 15 minutes, turn off the water, carefully remove the curtains, and shake them lightly to smooth everything out, and they will look like new.

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