How to clean your shower head to a shine: a simple trick

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How to clean the shower head in the shower

Limescale affects surfaces that come into contact with water. The exterior finish only gives the appearance of cleanliness and shine. Thus, thorough cleaning is required to remove deposits effectively.

A shower head accumulates a lot of limescale, especially in the water holes. The Express publication tells us how to clean the shower head.

Mineral salts settle on plumbing and form a thick layer of deposits. The market is full of products that claim to be the best quick fix for limescale, but they usually contain harsh chemicals that emit a strong odor and are quite toxic.

Plain white vinegar will be the best helper. It is so effective that it will not only shower heads from dirt but also remove black mold if you treat tiles or affected surfaces in the shower.

A simple life hack will clean shower heads from unsightly stains in minutes. There are several ways to use vinegar.

Method 1

  1. You will need paper towels, a spray bottle, and vinegar.
  2. Spray the vinegar on a paper towel and stick it to the shower head.
  3. After 20 minutes, there will be no trace of dirt and limescale.

Method 2

  1. Take a regular plastic bag, unscrew the head from the hose or remove it from the rack, and put it inside.
  2. Pour white vinegar into the bag, which should completely cover the watering can, and close the container.
  3. It is better to leave the watering can soak overnight so that the acetic acid dissolves all deposits.
  4. In the morning, the head should be brushed with a toothbrush to remove the softened lime.

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