How to save cabbage from caterpillars: methods with guaranteed results

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Cabbage suffers greatly from the invasion of caterpillars. Butterflies lay their numerous eggs on cabbage, from which larvae grow, capable of eating the entire head of cabbage in just a few days. There are many store-bought larval control products, but they all contain chemical compounds of varying degrees of toxicity.

If you're afraid of chemical insecticides, you can use traditional methods to combat caterpillars. Read the OBOZ.UA article on how to save cabbage.

How to save cabbage

You need to act quickly – otherwise, you can forget about the harvest. An infusion of wood ash will effectively scare away pests from your garden. Insist the ashes in the proportion of 200 ml of ash per 4 liters of water for 48 hours and water the cabbage.

Laundry soap will also come in handy. It has pronounced disinfectant properties. Cabbage should be treated with a solution based on laundry soap shavings dissolved in a bucket of water at room temperature.

There is also the simplest secret method. The caterpillar does not like the smell of tomato tops. So you don't even have to waste time spraying, just use tomato tops as mulch.

Planting prevention

Protecting cabbage beds from caterpillars is worthwhile at the stage of planting in the ground. Knowledge of the right neighborhood will come in handy.

Next to cabbage, you should plant:

  • dill or tomatoes – these crops will prevent the appearance of ash borer;
  • garlic releases volatile substances that repel cabbage flies;
  • wormwood, mint, and tansy will protect the garden from cabbage white caterpillars;
  • sage will repel the cabbage scoop;
  • Borago cucumber herb will protect the plantings from slug attacks.

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