How to revitalize old seeds: a simple but reliable solution will help

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Seedlings on the windowsill

Humidity fluctuations are one of the main factors that negatively affect the quality of the seed. Collected seeds should be thoroughly dried and placed in an airtight container. However, seeds also have a shelf life, so they can lose their properties after prolonged storage.

There are several ways to help save last year's seed. OBOZ.UA figured out how to revive old seeds.

Honey solution

Experienced gardeners know that honey is very useful for seedlings. It is not only an excellent growth stimulant but also has pronounced bactericidal properties.

It is very easy to prepare a honey solution:

  1. Pour room temperature water into a glass and add 1 teaspoon of honey. Mix thoroughly until it dissolves.
  2. Next, dip seeds in the solution.
  3. You don't have to leave them there for long. 15-30 minutes is enough.

Honey is also used to germinate seeds, but the proportions of the solution are slightly different. You should take one teaspoon per liter of water.

Honey will be useful for both seeds collected in the garden and those sold in paper bags.

Removing excess moisture

When you bought new shoes, you probably noticed a small bag with round grains in the box. This is silica gel, a product that will help you get rid of excess moisture. If you're in the habit of throwing sachets in the trash, you can buy silica gel in the store.

To extend the shelf life, all you need to do is add silica gel to the storage container for the seeds and you don't have to worry about the seeds spoiling until the next season. In this case, excess moisture will not penetrate the container.

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