How to remove ink stains on the countertop: an effective life hack

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Ordinary hairspray can remove ink without any effort

Parents of young children know how unrestrained a child's desire for creativity can be. This often results in such consequences as marker or ink marks on surfaces not intended for this purpose. For example, on kitchen countertops and table surfaces. To be completely honest, adults who were writing something and put the pen down inadvertently can also stain a table in this way. No matter who stains the countertop with ink, it's usually very difficult to clean it.

However, several life hacks can greatly simplify the task. OBOZ.UA has collected a couple of very effective recipes.


Yes, this styling product fights ink stains surprisingly well. And it is very easy to use. Take a can of hairspray and spray its contents onto the stain. Immediately afterwards, before the varnish dries, rub the stain with a napkin or sponge. The ink should come off easily – you shouldn't even have to make an effort. This cleaning will not leave any scratches, as is the case with powdered products.

But be careful – hairspray is a flammable liquid, so don't use it near open flames or hot surfaces. Turn off the stove first, then start cleaning up.

By the way, the varnish will work not only on the countertop. It can be used to remove ink from leather and plastic furniture, wooden surfaces, laminate floors, ceramic tiles, and more. It is a fairly versatile product that can be used around the house.

Medical alcohol

It is the alcohol in the varnish that makes it so effective in removing ink stains. Therefore, pure medical alcohol will also do the job well. Dampen a cloth or cotton pad with it and treat the stained area. The ink will disappear in no time.

But not every surface can be cleaned with rubbing alcohol. It is too aggressive for granite, marble, and other natural stones. So, if you are not sure whether your countertop can withstand such cleaning, dilute the alcohol with water in a 1:1 ratio or take a little vodka to clean it.

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