How to prevent clothes from sticking to your body in summer: easy and affordable ways

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How to get rid of electrifying clothes

Summer is a beautiful sunny time, if it were not for one "but". Clothes that are constantly clinging to the body can create maximum discomfort.

This is often caused by static electricity, which is not dangerous in general, but it is aesthetically unappealing. How to make sure that in summer clothes do not stick to the body, tried OBOZREVATEL.

Method 1: Moisturize your skin

If static electricity is the cause of clothes clinging, you should moisturize your skin. Your favorite body lotion is ideal. You can get dressed only after the product is completely absorbed into the skin.

Method 2: Talcum powder

Specialists advise using talcum powder or ordinary hypoallergenic baby powder. These products should be completely rubbed in, otherwise traces may remain on the skin and on clothing. This is especially true for dark clothes.

Method 3. Long-term measures

Constant and high-quality humidification of the air will be an excellent preventive measure. A special device can be used or regular wet cleaning can be done. In dry weather, it is advisable to place containers of clean, cool water in the corners of the room.

How to quickly remove the electrification

If you urgently need to remove the electrification on your clothes, three simple steps are enough.

Step 1. Take a small terry towel, moisten it with water and wring it out thoroughly.

Step 2. Run it over the electrified clothing.

Step 3. As a preventative measure, you can run the moistened towel over the textiles in your home: couch, plaid, upholstered chairs, etc.

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