How to make a candle burn evenly and without "tunnels": useful life hack

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With these life hacks, you can enjoy your candles to the fullest

Candles are one of the most beautiful elements of Christmas (and not only) decor because few things can decorate a space like a living fire. However, they can burn out unsuccessfully, forming a "tunnel," which makes the flame too dim or moveable and the wick burns out before the wax.

Experts in interior decoration ensure that this problem can be avoided. OBOZ.UA asked about the main life hacks on how to do it.

The "tunnel effect" in a candle occurs when the wick begins to burn unevenly in relation to the thickness of the candle's body. A depression filled with molten material appears in its upper part, which eventually extinguishes the flame. And if you pour out this wax, the candle burns out much faster than its design suggests.

The main trick to avoid this effect is to light the candle correctly. If you do it wrong, you won't be able to correct the mistake. So, start by placing the candle in the place where you want it to be lit and only then light it. This will allow the top layer of wax to melt evenly. If you move the object from place to place, it can create a depression or a skew in it, from which the wax will drain, which will significantly reduce the candle's service life.

It's also important to extinguish the candle properly if you use it several times. Don't blow on it as the tip of the wick will be inside the wax when it starts to harden. It is better to use a special extinguisher that blocks the access of oxygen to the candle.

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