How to keep your smartphone battery from draining: Android secrets

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The Android OS has a lot of opportunities to save battery

In an environment where the next smartphone charge is quite unpredictable due to a power outage, it is important to learn how to keep the battery as long as possible. Fortunately, in normal mode we use it uneconomically, so there are many ways to extend the battery life of the gadget on a single charge.

According to TechLog 360, for Android smartphones you can take advantage of many different smartphone tips. And in a combination that's convenient for you.

Set a black wallpaper

This tip is suitable for smartphones with AMOLED screens. Only colored pixels are backlit on AMOLED screens. This means that the more black pixels you have on your screen, the less energy is spent on backlighting.

Find the battery eaters

Use the Settings menu and the Battery tab in it. Then go to battery optimization and optimize the power consumption of all applications where possible. If possible, stop applications that you don't use and that are running in the background.

Turn off widgets and live wallpaper on the home screen

Widgets, like the weather widget, make using your smartphone more convenient, and the animated wallpaper looks nice. But both consume a decent amount of battery power. So you can give them up. At least for a while, until the energy situation improves.

Give up automatic adjustment of screen brightness

The brightness adjustment function of the screen to the ambient light conditions is very useful. In the dark, the light from the screen does not hurt your eyes, and in the sun the screen does not "go blind". But it does take a charge to adjust it. Therefore, set the brightness control to manual mode and use the lowest brightness level.

Control how often apps are updated

Searching for and downloading app updates is an energy-intensive process, and it's very inefficient in terms of battery consumption. It's unlikely that you get important emails that often, but the app checks for them all the time. So go to the Settings menu, select Accounts and either uncheck the "Automatically sync data" option or manually select which programs you want to leave this permission for.

Reduce screen timeout

It's simple: the less the screen is lit, the more energy it consumes. Studies show that the average smartphone user looks at the screen 150 times a day. If the standby time is 1 minute, then the screen glows for up to 2.5 hours a day. That's a lot. If you reduce this period to 15 seconds, the cumulative maximum time drops to 40 minutes. The difference is noticeable, isn't it?

Turn off vibration

The more push notifications you get, the faster your smartphone runs out of power. It is estimated that vibration uses more battery power than a sound. So give it up.

Use notifications or lock screen widgets

Lock screen notifications or lock screen widgets also help save battery power. This is because you can immediately see your messages without turning on the whole screen. This is especially useful if you get a lot of messages that you shouldn't immediately follow.

Turn off your connection

If you don't need to keep your smartphone connected to the Internet all the time, turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data access. Don't waste battery power by keeping your smartphone connected to the network.

Use only original batteries

Only the original battery from the manufacturer of your smartphone guarantees you proper operation and normal performance. It is obviously not worth saving on its purchase.

Use lite versions of Android apps

Some applications have so-called lite-versions. They have somewhat limited functionality, but also consume a limited amount of power.

Turn off animation

As mentioned above, any animation is energy-intensive and its function is purely decorative. That's why it can easily be discarded. However, in order to change the animation settings, you need to access the Developer Mode, which is a hidden option.

To enter the developer mode, go to the "Settings" menu, "System" submenu, "About phone" item. Under "Software Information", tap "Build Number" several times, and then go back to the main settings page to find the enabled Developer Options. Now go to the enabled Developer Options and select "Window animation", "Transition animation" and "Animation duration" from the list of options. Disable them.

Turn off unnecessary services

Sometimes when using such services as GPS, NFC or Bluetooth, we forget to turn them off. And they also waste battery power. And a lot of it. So don't be lazy to check if they are working, and if so, turn them all off.

Keep your device at a moderate temperature


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