How to increase the onion harvest: what to fertilize with

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Onions are not too demanding as a vegetable but still require fertilization

Onions are a vegetable crop that yields two harvests, consisting of the leaves used as salad greens and the bulbs themselves. However, for the vegetable to grow successfully, several conditions must be met.

OBOZREVATEL discusses the main tips for growing onions and the fertilizers that will contribute to robust and juicy vegetables.

Onions thrive in suitable soil, ideally neutral, and preferably on loam or sandy loam. In such conditions, the plant establishes strong roots and experiences vigorous growth. If the greens start to droop, it's time for pruning. It's advisable not to delay the pruning process and do it before the tubular leaves become entangled. Each leaf should be cut by a third or half. If the plant hasn't been treated with any chemicals, these greens are edible.

For fertilizing onions, a balanced fertilizer with equal amounts of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium works well. However, this type of fertilization should be applied no earlier than when it's time to plant the seedlings in open ground.

During the seedling stage, it's crucial to ensure that the plant receives sufficient light and warmth. If the room is too dark, the leaves will stretch in height, become prone to bending, and tangle prematurely. Therefore, it's recommended to provide seedlings with additional lighting using a phytolamp.

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