How to grow lemon from seed at home: when will the first fruits be

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How to grow lemon from seed at home

Citrus indoor plants have gained wide popularity among owners who want not only to decorate their interior but also to have fresh and healthy fruits at home. You can grow a lemon tree yourself from seed, you just need to take proper care of it and create the right conditions for its development.

OBOZ.UA has found effective tips to help you do this. Under certain conditions, the tree will begin to bear fruit in 4-5 years.

It is important to choose fresh seeds from ripe fruits that show no signs of disease. Collect a lot of seeds to be sure of a positive result, because not all seeds will be able to take root and germinate in indoor conditions.

Prepare a pot with fertile and loose soil. Plant the lemon seeds in it to a depth of 3 centimeters, pour water at room temperature and cover with foil to create a better microclimate.

After about three weeks, the first sprouts will begin to appear, and then you need to remove the cover so that the plant gets used to room conditions. Water the lemon in hot weather three times a week, but avoid excessive moisture, and in winter, reduce watering to two times.

Be sure to dust the leaves weekly and spray regularly with water to provide a moist environment for the plant. When the tree grows up, transplant it into a larger pot so that the lemon has enough space to develop. Do this every year in the spring.

Choose special fertilizers for citrus trees that contain trace elements of zinc, boron, and manganese. Feed the lemon once every two weeks.

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