How to grow giant hydrangeas: an expert voiced three rules

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How to grow giant hydrangeas

Hydrangeas decorate the garden with their lush flowering and bright green leaves. The bush begins to bloom in spring and before severe frosts. Although the plant is not sensitive to low temperatures and can survive the winter, you still need to provide favorable conditions for growth and development.

A gardening expert under the nickname @hoselinkofficial posted a video on the social network TikTok, where he shared useful tips. According to him, three rules for hydrangea care will ensure lush flowering and rapid growth.

In late summer, young, tender buds form to prepare for next season's blooms, but harsh weather conditions can damage the shoots and result in flower loss. Therefore, follow these tips to avoid this.


The expert noted that hydrangeas will bloom and develop lushly during the growing season if they are pruned properly.

Prepare sharp, sanitized secateurs or garden shears. Remove all damaged and diseased branches. After that, you can prune the plant down to the skeleton as shown in the video.


It is important to provide the plant with enough light to reach all the sprouts. Cut off any excess shoots in the center of the bush.


The last step is to reduce the height of the hydrangea. The bush should be up to 30-40 centimeters in height. This length will promote new growth and development.

According to the expert, it is imperative to prune just above a double bud to ensure as many flower stalks as possible.

Such simple actions will contribute to abundant flowering in the spring.

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