How to grow a large aloe bush at home: useful tips

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How to grow aloe at home

Aloe is a popular succulent plant known for its many medicinal properties. Its juice is used to heal wounds and burns and treat digestive problems. It is also used in care cosmetics.

Growing aloe at home is not difficult because this plant is quite unpretentious. OBOZ.UA has collected some tips that will help you take care of the plant properly so that it will be useful for many years.

How to plant aloe

Aloe can be grown both from seeds and propagated by shoots.

Sowing seeds is usually done in late winter or early spring. To do this, pour drainage on the bottom of the pot, sprinkle it with a sand mixture on top, and put the seeds in.

Then you should keep the plant in a room where the temperature is about 20 degrees. Keep it out of direct sunlight and moisten the soil regularly.

When the seedlings are 30 days old, you should transplant them into individual containers.

To propagate aloe by shoots, use the same soil mixture as for sowing seeds. Detach a young aloe leaf from the root of the parent bush and plant it in a pot. When it takes root and starts to grow, take care of it like an adult plant.

How to grow a large aloe bush at home: useful tips

How to care for aloe


Aloe loves light, so it should be grown on a southern windowsill. If the plant has been in the shade for a long time, it should be gradually accustomed to direct sunlight.


In summer, aloe grows well at normal room temperature, but in winter, it is recommended to keep the plant at a temperature of no more than 14 degrees.

Air humidity

In general, the plant develops normally at any air humidity, but if it is too dry, brown spots may form on the edge of the leaf plates.


During the growing season, the plant is watered as soon as the soil surface is dry. However, make sure not to water the soil too much and do not pour water inside the leaf rosette when watering as this can lead to root and trunk rot.


Aloe is transplanted only when necessary. Usually, young bushes are subjected to this procedure once every couple of years, while older ones once every 4 years.

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