How to get the weed out on paving stones: a method that makes the parasitic plants dry out

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Vinegar spray can help care for paving stone paths.

Paving stones in the yard is an easy and beautiful way to keep it tidy. But all the effort of installing it can be undone by the common weed that sprouts in the joints between the tiles. It can split the tile and move it out of place. That's why it's important to know how to fight weeds on paving tiles.

The publication Porady Interia talked about one simple method using a product that can be purchased in any supermarket. It will not harm the material from which the paving stones are made, while gently fixing the problem.

We are talking about ordinary vinegar. With its help, you can minimize the use of herbicides on the site. In order to qualitatively treat couch grass, thistle or any other grass, you will need an alcoholic solution of vinegar, you can the cheapest. Choose a product with a concentration of 10 to 20 percent. It will cope with both young plants and more mature and developed plants.

How to use vinegar weed spray

Mix the vinegar and water in a 2:1 ratio. Pour the vinegar into the water, not the other way around. Shake well the container in which you prepare the solution, so that the liquids combine.

Pour the prepared solution into any spray bottle. To make sure it doesn't affect the paving stones, spray some in an inconspicuous area.

When you're ready, treat the vinegar mixture to the leaves, stems and all green parts of the weeds. The plants should wither very quickly.

To keep the weeds from regrowing and to get rid of the most resistant plants, repeat the treatment once a week. After two or three sprays, the situation should improve significantly.

It is important to make sure that the vinegar mixture does not come into contact with ornamental or agricultural crops. It can cause considerable damage to them as well.

When it is better to treat weeds with a vinegar solution

Sunlight can accelerate the death of unwanted vegetation in paving stones. Therefore, it is better to choose warm sunny days, when the temperature exceeds 15 degrees, to treat weeds with vinegar, and to spray them during daylight hours.

It is best to do it in dry weather and when the dew descends. After all, any additional moisture will more strongly dissolve the product and it will work less effectively.

You should also avoid treating noxious plants in windy weather. The wind can blow droplets of the product onto neighboring plants and damage them.

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