How to get rid of yellow stains on pillows

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How to clean pillows

Even newly purchased pillows often develop yellow stains that are difficult to remove with conventional means. Not only do they spoil the appearance of the pillows, but they are also places of bacterial accumulation.

Machine wash does not always remove yellow stains well. Read about useful life hacks in the OBOZREVATEL article.

Top life hacks for washing pillows

Before washing, experts advise spraying yellow stains with hydrogen peroxide. Do not immediately throw the pillow into the machine. Allow time for the peroxide to work and let the pillow dry completely.

If there are many sweat stains on the pillow and the fabric has become greasy, you can use chlorhexidine. The principle of operation is similar to spraying with peroxide. Spray the surface of the pillow and leave it for several hours. Then machine wash it.

For another life hack, you need to prepare a mixture. Take a container of hot water and add 3-4 tablespoons of bleach to it. Dip the pillow in the solution. If the pillow is too big, pour the mixture on it. Leave for at least 15 minutes for the solution to absorb completely and then wash the pillow as usual.

It is better to add a few spoons of water to the dry powder when washing pillows.

There is also a radical method: add 3-4 tablespoons of ammonia to the detergent. Experts promise that the alcohol will evaporate and no unpleasant odor will remain. Then wash the pillow by turning on the mode with additional rinsing.

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