How to prevent things from accumulating in the kitchen: a fashionable life hack

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One small box can solve the problem of kitchen clutter

Maintaining order in the kitchen is perhaps the hardest thing to do. Objects and surfaces here are constantly in use as we rearrange plates and cups, take out various tools, use a lot of small things that are often scattered right on the countertop. And all of this creates a sense of chaos because it often remains in plain sight.

TikTok blogger Julie Dalum gave advice on how to tame this mess in style. She shares little interior design tricks with her subscribers, including how to keep your home looking stylish.

According to Julie, a small decorative box with a lid can help you quickly tidy up your kitchen. You can put small items like sachets, small gadgets or wires, notes with recipes, etc. in it.

As soon as you notice something on the surface, put it in the box. And once or twice a week, sort through its contents. Return the necessary things to their places, and throw away the unnecessary or used ones. This way, you can set aside some time to manage such small things and do it in a meaningful way, and you won't accumulate a lot of junk on your countertop. In addition, such a box makes cleaning easier as you just need to lift it once to wipe the countertop rather than sorting through a lot of things in different places.

Such a box can be matched to the style of the interior. Choose between a variety of materials: it can be wooden, metal, colored, decorated or plain. And if you can't find the color you need, you can paint or decorate it yourself to make it fit perfectly into your kitchen.

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