How to get rid of stumps in the garden without physical effort: a simple method

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You can uproot the stump with salt

A tree stump in your garden can be a real problem. It can interfere with the layout of beds and prevent you from planting something in a good enough spot. And uprooting it is a task that seems impossible.

In fact, there is a way to remove the rest of the trunk of an old tree without any extra effort. OBOZ.UA has learned about an interesting life hack for which you only need salt. And it doesn't matter if it's ordinary rock salt or Epsom magnesium salt. In addition to destroying the stump, the substance will also kill the remnants of the root, meaning that the old tree will not break through again.

To use this method, drill or cut several holes in the stump. They should go below the ground for the product to work properly. Fill these holes three-quarters full with salt. It is important not to spill it on the ground as it can damage living vegetation. The salt should remain strictly inside the stump. From above, the holes are sealed with molten wax or paraffin and covered with a dark film to block sunlight from entering.

The stump should stay in this state from several weeks to several months, depending on its size. Salt will gradually destroy the wood structure. During this time, you need to periodically check its condition. When the stump becomes rotten and pliable, it can be uprooted by cutting it into pieces with an ax or shovel. The process will be much easier and faster.

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