How to get rid of greasy stains on colored clothing: a detailed guide

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Greasy stains can be effectively removed if you don't delay the cleaning process

Greasy stains on fabrics are considered difficult to remove. And this is true if you let them soak into the fibers. If you remove the dirt as soon as it appears, you can get perfect results. The key is to choose the right product. Especially when it comes to colored clothes, which are more sensitive to different cleaning agents.

OBOZREVATEL has compiled a list of tricks to help you deal with grease stains. And it tells you about the right algorithm of actions that will help not to aggravate the problem, but to get rid of it.

Do not delay

The sooner you treat a grease stain, the better it will be cleaned, because grease can penetrate deep into the tissue over time. Try to remove the stain before it dries. If you catch it at this stage, start by blotting off any remaining grease with a dry paper towel.

Apply the cleaning agent

Choose a product according to the type of fabric. For example, dishwashing liquid can work well. But you need to choose the one that will not leave its dye on the textile. Laundry soap, a solution of white vinegar and water in equal parts, or ammonia are also suitable. You can also use a liquid, powder, or gel purchased at the store. But any of these products should first be tested in an inconspicuous place to see how they interact with the fibers and dyes.

Wind the product

To ensure that the product you choose dissolves the grease in the fabric well, you need to rub it in. But the friction should be as gentle as possible. Therefore, you can do it with your fingers. A soft-bristled brush or sponge will also work. When rubbing, it is better not to go beyond the initial stain to avoid spreading the grease to new areas.

Rinse the item in warm water

After treatment, rinse the area where the stain was with warm water. Cold water does not do a good job of washing away grease, and hot water can damage the fabric. After that, the item can be washed as usual.

Air drying

Drying clothes after washing a grease stain in a tumble dryer can seal the grease deeper into the fibers. After washing, let the garment air dry naturally. This will also remove the odor of, for example, vinegar if you clean the stain with vinegar.

Repeat the procedure if necessary

If all the grease has not been removed, you will need to repeat the cleaning procedure from the beginning. Do not rub harder, but go through all the steps from the very first one. A patient approach, rather than force, is the best way to remove stains. However, if after two treatments, traces of the stain still remain, then you need to change the product.

Use bleach

Oxygen bleaches, which can be used even on colored items, can also be quite effective against grease stains. Apply and rinse it off according to the instructions. But don't forget to test the effect on an inconspicuous area of the fabric first.

Go to a dry cleaner

If all your efforts are still unsuccessful, there is still a chance that professional cleaning will solve the problem. Take the item to a dry cleaner. But when handing it over, explain in detail what problem you want to solve and what has already been used to treat your clothes or textiles.

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