How to get rid of chocolate stains on clothes: a win-win method

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How to remove chocolate stains

Chocolate is a favorite treat for adults and kids alike. However, one careless move and your clothes are seemingly irreparably damaged by stubborn stains.

Despite the fact that these are some of the worst stains that are difficult to wash, chocolate stains can be removed with a simple home remedy. This is reported by House Digest.

The most effective home remedy for chocolate stains

Distilled white vinegar is a safe way to remove chocolate stains. However, you need to act as quickly as possible as dried stains are harder to remove from the fibers.

The first step is to remove the remaining chocolate. Do not rub the stain as it will only penetrate deeper into the fibers. It is better to gently scrape off the dirt and rinse the back of the fabric with cold water before using vinegar.

Step-by-step instructions

  1. In a container, mix room temperature water and white vinegar in a 1:1 ratio.
  2. Use a sponge or cloth to blot the stain, avoiding friction.
  3. After the fibers are soaked in acetic acid, rinse the cloth with cold water. Keep repeating these steps until you see that the chocolate stain has disappeared.

After using the vinegar solution, machine wash the garment to remove acid residue. Vinegar is easy to wash off and does not damage the fabric.

It is better to dry clothes in the fresh air. If chocolate remains on the fabric, the situation can only get worse due to the heating of the dryer.

Experts advise forgetting about radiators as this will contribute to an even greater accumulation of moisture in the air and can sometimes lead to deformation of tissues.

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