How to get rid of cat and dog hair on the sofa: tips

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How to remove animal hair from the sofa

Hair on the couch is a common sight for cat and dog owners. Over time, it accumulates, gets clogged in cracks, sticks to upholstery and pillows, flies in the air, and settles on all surfaces.

Of course, it's impossible to get rid of hair if you have pets in your home. The universal advice is to clean the fibers regularly and with high quality. Tap into Roxbury has told you how to remove pet hair on the sofa.

Method 1

The easiest way to remove pet hair from the sofa is to vacuum it. To avoid damaging the fabric, you should take more delicate handheld vacuum cleaners or use a special nozzle on regular ones. The brush on the vacuum cleaner may be too coarse for the fibers.

Method 2

Pet stores sell special brushes designed to pick up pet hair from upholstery. Use them according to the instructions, as they are usually only effective in one direction.

Method 3

A lint roller is used to remove hair on a variety of surfaces: sofas, blankets, bedding, or clothing. You can also purchase rubberized gloves for picking up hair.

Method 4

Try a sponge: it should be just slightly damp, not saturated with water. Wipe the sofa cushions in one direction until all the hair is removed from the surface.

Method 5

Experts recommend preparing a cleaning solution. Add a little fabric softener or conditioner to a spray bottle of clean water and spray the product on the furniture. Take a small towel or dry sponge and wipe the fabric. This method has a double advantage: the solution will not only remove the wool but also clean the sofa.

By the way, Persian cats, Redhawks, and Maine Coons shed the most. The fact that sphynxes do not have hair does not mean that these cats do not shed. Sphynxes shed their skin, which begins to exfoliate - these scales can even cause allergies. Read the article to find out what other cats are prone to severe hair loss.

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