How to extend a cat's life: 5 mistakes that shorten a pet's life

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Proper care and feeding will prolong a cat's life

Taking a new pet into the house, we always expect that it will live next to us as long as possible and will please us with its pranks for many years. But some owners forget that the same cat needs careful care, almost like a child. And they make many mistakes, believing that the animal will cope by itself.

OBOZREVATEL has collected several basic mistakes that may affect the life expectancy of your cat. If you avoid them, you will significantly increase the chances that the animal will give you its love for many years.

Lack of veterinary supervision

Even if a cat looks healthy and behaves relatively normally, it does not mean that he is not hiding some problem with his health from you. That's why you should see the vet at least once a year. The doctor will give the cat all the necessary vaccinations and perform the general tests and procedures that he needs, given his state of health. It is important to remember that the cat is not able to tell what he is in pain, and when the symptoms show up, it may be too late.

Feeding "human" food

Cats are obligate carnivores, so most of their diet should consist of natural meat and by-products. Not sausage, not sausages or even skin or bones. And especially not vegetables or sweets. The digestive system of furries is very sensitive and can react negatively to even one wrong meal. It is better to choose the food for the pet taking into account its health, age, activity, etc. If you want to feed your cat natural food, you should talk to your veterinarian about how to do it properly, so that the cat gets all the nutrients it needs, there is no risk of catching parasites and is always full. And make sure that the cat has access to fresh water at all times.


A fat kitty does look very cute indeed. But, as with humans, excessive weight in these animals entails a whole host of health problems - excessive strain on the heart and joints, the risk of developing diabetes and cancer and other risks that can significantly shorten the life of the pet. Therefore, you should not give in to the provocation of a cat that endlessly asks for food. Often they do it "for the love of art" and not because of hunger. Feed your purrs according to the norms and do not go beyond them.

Grooming Mistakes

Cats are quite good at taking care of their hair and claws on their own. But they could use some help with that, too. Fluffy cats need to be combed out so that they don't ingest hair, which can have a bad effect on their digestive system. Bald cats need to be wiped down because dirt accumulates on them, which causes skin diseases, and they also get sunburned. Flat-faced people should be helped with cleaning their eyes and nose. And on no account should you surgically remove a cat's claws! If you care so much about your couch, you'd better not get a cat. After all, the removal of claws cripples the animal's paws, causes problems with gait and impairs the sense of balance. Usually an agile animal can easily fall and be badly injured after such a procedure. Even fatal.

Lack of attention

Although cats are not very social animals, they still want some companionship from the people they love. And social deprivation leads to the development of stress and can provoke depression or aggression in the cat. So do not forget to pet and play with your fluffy cat. Don't chase him away when he's sitting nearby. And never leave him alone for too long. If you go on vacation, find him someone to take care of him or a doggy day-care center.

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