How to easily clean a steel surface with improvised means: an effective life hack

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How to clean a steel surface

Metal surfaces are susceptible to a variety of contaminants, and excessive moisture can lead to rust. These surfaces and stainless steel appliances should be cleaned at least 1-2 times a month.

You can use special chemicals and polishes, but more economical and environmentally friendly life hacks will also come in handy. Apartment Therapy has told you how to clean steel surfaces.

A life hack using olive oil and vinegar is gaining popularity online. Olive oil is advertised as a stainless steel cleaner - it acts as a protective coating. All you need to do is mix oil and vinegar in equal proportions and treat the surface with the liquid.

It's worth noting that the somewhat pungent vinegar aroma will last for about an hour. To minimize it, add an essential oil, such as lemon, to the solution to help remove grease and create a pleasant aroma.

A mixture of olive oil and vinegar is a convenient and effective life hack that not only cleans and disinfects, but also makes surfaces shiny and shiny.

And you can prevent rust by preparing a lemon-vinegar solution. In general, the appearance of rust is a natural process. Metal objects, in contact with oxygen, begin to oxidize to form various compounds: oxides, hydroxides, oxide hydrates.

Rust can affect all metal surfaces, especially those that are in constant contact with water. How to remove rust on metal objects - read the article.

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