How to dry washed clothes at home in winter: useful rules from laundry gurus

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In winter, dry the laundry with special care to prevent mold.

The new heating season in Ukraine will be colder than the previous ones - we have already seen it. The temperature will be lower and the air will be more humid. But this creates a problem with drying laundry in such conditions.

According to The Sun, Roberta Pampazzo, a senior brand manager of one of the popular laundry detergents and a guru in laundry care, gave some advice on this matter. Europeans have long spent winters without excessive heating in their homes and know all the nuances of washing and drying in such conditions. "Clothes take longer to dry indoors and can absorb an unpleasant musty odor, especially in small rooms and rooms with carpeting," the expert explained.

To avoid this, Pampazzo advised not to wash too many things at once. This way, they will not be cleaned sufficiently and will take longer to dry, because due to the large accumulation of things on the dryer, water will evaporate from them more slowly. For faster drying, things should be placed freely. In addition, it is advisable to turn them around in a few hours so that the inside is facing out.

The expert also recommends putting the laundry on an extra spin cycle. "Twist the laundry well and shake it properly when you take it out of the washing machine to remove excess water and moisture," she says. The less water that remains in the fabric, the faster it will dry. But at the same time, Pampazzo reminded us that it is important not to go beyond the care recommendations for each individual item. Too much spinning can damage knitwear or other delicate fabrics.

Separately, the expert advised not to keep things in the drum for a long time. If possible, you should take them out and hang them up as soon as the washing machine notifies you that it is finished. This way, you will avoid a damp smell and even (in the worst cases) the development of mold.

As for the drying process itself, you should choose a room with the best air circulation and where you spend less time. Place the dryer where you can at least open a window, regardless of the season. A balcony or loggia is a good option. Instead, a dryer in the bedroom or living room can overmoisten the air and provoke the development of mold.

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