How to clean a glass table: a professional way to remove dust and stains

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How to clean glass surfaces

Glass tables are a great option for interiors. The modern, minimalist aesthetic creates a sense of space and sophistication. But not everything is so happy when it comes to cleaning. Glass tables get dirty quickly, leaving fingerprints, dust and dirt on them.

Do not use abrasives when cleaning glass tables. These tables should not be rubbed with a hard side of a sponge so as not to leave scratches. On the professional way from the dust and stains told the publication Homes and gardens.

Dominic Ponia, CEO and co-founder of Cleanology, says that you shouldn't put too much pressure on the surface of a glass table, as this can lead to cracks.

The best option is to wipe with a damp microfiber cloth.

"Microfiber cloths work even better when combined with glass cleaner," Ponia noted.

You can make a universal spray from the ingredients at hand. The expert recommends mixing water and white vinegar 1:1 and pouring the solution into a sprayer.

"It's the perfect combination. There won't be streaks of streaks on the table. It will really shine," Ponia emphasized.

You should also pay attention to the quality of the water. To avoid streaks, calcium and magnesium deposits, use filtered water to wash glass surfaces.

And to clean table edges, Becky Decker, a Gardeninghood blog expert, advises dipping a cotton swab in a solution and gently running it around the edges to remove dust and dirt.

Josh Bosch of Gatsby Glass advises avoiding abrasive or ammonia-based cleaners to prevent scratching or damaging the glass surface.

By the way, there are many folk ways to clean the mirror from grease and stains. However, the challenge with a star is to do it without leaving streaks. Popularly used tiphacks using vinegar, salt and citric acid are universal cleaners that will help wash away the stains. But there is another little-known, but no less effective means for cleaning mirrors. Read which one it is in this material.

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