How to clean a cooker hood from old grease: A recipe for a life-saving remedy

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How to Clean a Hood

A kitchen hood should be cleaned regularly. If you don't, dust, grease and food residue will cover the surface with such a thick layer of dirt that it will be very difficult to clean it.

If you do not want to use harmful chemicals, you can try effective folk tips. How to clean the kitchen hood from grease - read in the material OBOZREVATEL.

There are several effective methods for cleaning. The necessary ingredients:

  • vinegar
  • lemon or citric acid
  • soap (best laundry soap)
  • baking soda.

How to clean the filters

The cooker hood needs to be cleaned carefully and in stages. A solution of laundry soap will help clean the air filters. Dissolve crushed or liquid soap in a container of hot water until it dissolves. Dip the grate into the solution and leave it for several hours. Not a trace of dirt will be left behind. For better results, you can wipe the filter with a brush.


Citric Acid

Cleaning experts suggest using lemon juice or citric acid. Pour warm water into a container, add a little liquid soap and lemon juice. Soak the filters for several hours and wipe with a sponge.

Quick tip with table vinegar

The air filter should be placed in a large bowl or basin with a wide bottom. Pour white vinegar over the grate. Leave it for 10 minutes, and then add 2 tablespoons of baking soda. There should be a pronounced chemical reaction. After that, the filter should be removed from the bowl and remove the remaining dirt with a sponge or brush. Lemon juice can be used instead of vinegar.

How to clean the hood from the inside

Baking soda and laundry soap can help clean the hood from the inside. Vinegar can also be used for a longer lasting effect. Dissolve laundry soap in hot water, add baking soda and apply it to the dirty surfaces. After 30 minutes, rinse with cool water and wipe with a sponge.

You can also rub the inside surfaces with white vinegar, lemon juice or citric acid. Simply apply these products to the soiled areas and wipe thoroughly with a cloth. The hood should be thoroughly rinsed of the acid residue.

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