How to charge your smartphone correctly: 5 mistakes to avoid at all times

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Improper charging can shorten battery life

Since almost all modern smartphones come with built-in batteries, users have to do everything possible to extend the life of the battery, as it is usually the weakest link in even the most expensive smartphone. To do this, you have to follow simple rules that will allow the battery to last for many years.

OBOZREVATEL reminds you of the manufacturers' advice, which tells you exactly how to use your smartphone and how to charge it so as not to damage the battery.

Only official chargers

You may be tempted by Chinese smartphone chargers that promise fast charging and are much cheaper than the originals, but don't bite your elbows later.

Using chargers from little-known companies is one of the biggest problems for batteries. They can overheat the battery, depleting it and leading to a shorter life. Over time, if you use unofficial chargers, you may notice that the battery holds less and less charge until the battery life of your smartphone is reduced to a few hours.

Cheap wireless chargers are also dangerous for the battery, as they not only drain the battery but also overheat it.

Do not discharge to zero and do not charge to 100%

Do not immediately put your phone on charge if you receive a low battery notification. Usually, such a message appears when the battery is discharged to 20%, after which the smartphone can safely work for several more hours.

Therefore, it is better to allow the gadget to discharge almost completely, but not to allow "zero" charging.

You should also not keep your smartphone charged to exactly 100%. Anything above 90% charge is enough.

Do not leave your smartphone on charge

Almost all modern smartphones automatically disconnect from charging when they reach 100%. After that, they start using the battery, but when the charge drops by at least a percentage, charging will resume.

This cycle has a negative impact on the battery's condition and depletes it.

Avoid high temperatures

High temperatures also have a negative impact on battery health. That is why you should not use your phone if you feel it is overheating, or try to warm it up after using it in the cold.

Overheating causes the battery to lose its capacity and the battery life of the phone will be reduced.

Do not use your smartphone while it is charging

No matter how much you want to play games or watch videos while charging, don't do it. If you don't follow this simple rule, you may end up with a situation where the battery is discharged faster than it is charged. This will cause the smartphone battery to heat up and may damage it.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL explained how to understand that the smartphone battery needs to be changed.

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