How to achieve perfect order: the FlyLady method will change the way you perceive cleaning

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Don't spend more than 15 minutes a day cleaning

The need to keep your home clean can be a real challenge for a modern person. We all spend a huge amount of time studying, working, and caring for our families, so we may not have the energy to clean. The problems accumulate and the stress is compounded by the real fear of not being able to cope with the cleaning.

To overcome this, a whole bunch of different systems and approaches to make home care easier, quicker, and almost invisible in the daily routine have been developed. One of the most popular is the FlyLady system, which is called a lifesaver even by very busy people. OBOZ.UA tells about it in detail.

How the FlyLady method came about

Marla Cilley came up with this approach. It happened in 2001. She decided that she would concentrate on keeping the kitchen sink clean only. And then she noticed that this habit, once she got into the system, helped her keep the whole place tidy.

Cilley is convinced that even the most disorganized people can keep their homes clean. They just need an approach based on small steps that don't make them feel overwhelmed by the need to clean all the time. In fact, according to the FlyLady system, daily cleaning should take only 15 minutes or less.

What is the FlyLady system?

According to Marla, this is an approach that allows you to develop a habit of keeping your home clean without causing yourself psychological harm. Supporters of the system organize themselves into groups where they support each other and share tips for effective cleaning.

Cilley herself advises beginners not to expect too much from themselves and to move towards perfect order a little bit at a time every day. When you're ready to get started, just set a timer for 15 minutes and start, and when it goes off, stop immediately. If you don't have time for something, it's okay, you can finish it the next day. Some people gradually increase this time, but with the right approach, 15 minutes a day is enough to keep things in order.

Dividing your home into zones

A key element of the FlyLady system is the division of housing into zones. There are five zones in total. You only need to clean one zone at a time. If you're starting from scratch, give each zone a week's worth of time. Here's how you can plan it:

  • First zone - hallway

Dedicate the first few days of the month until Sunday.

  • Second zone - kitchen

Dedicate the first full week of the month to this area.

  • Third zone - bathroom

Spend the second full week of the month cleaning here.

  • Fourth zone - bedroom and wardrobe

This is the task for the third full week of the month.

  • Fifth zone - living room

Set aside the last days of the month, starting on Monday, for this area.

You can start by simply sorting out the clutter and throwing away the junk from the chosen area. Once you've cleared it, you'll just need to dust and wash everything.

The main point of the FlyLady system is to develop a comfortable and effective routine for yourself through the proposed base. In the process, you will learn not only not to spend extra time cleaning but also to notice what things you need to get rid of, where it is time to make minor repairs, and get used to putting things in order right away.

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