How to accustom your dog to dry food: tips for an easy transition

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It will take some patience when switching your dog to dry food.

The days when dry pet food was of poor quality and could cause health problems for pets are long gone. Now it is a complete healthy diet, and in some cases, as when it comes to therapeutic diets, it is also the only one possible. That is why you should know how to transfer to dry food for your dog.

OBOZREVATEL asked the advice of experts in this regard. Here are some basic tips.

Transition should be gradual

A dog's digestive system is not adapted to sudden changes in diet. Switching your dog to a new type of diet can lead to diarrhea, vomiting and digestive problems. Therefore, any dietary changes should be gradual. Small portions of dry food should be added to the dog's food. The daily dose is gradually increased. Such an adaptation period should last at least a week, and preferably two.

During this time, the owner is advised to closely monitor the reaction and behavior of the dog. Any changes in behavior, appetite, health are sufficient reason to consult a veterinarian.

How to persuade a dog to eat dry food

Sometimes an animal may flatly refuse a new type of food. This is where a little patience is needed.

The dog should not be left with a choice. During the transition to "dry food" you should make sure that the animal has no access to other food. The feeling of hunger will gradually do its work, and the animal will slowly begin to get used to the new type of food.

As with any other situation with dogs, positive reinforcement works well. Dry food should be a source of joy. Give his pellets as a reward for playing, along with another treat. Or top off his food with a little meat or bone broth, unless the doctor says no.

How to rebuild the digestive system

If your dog has unwanted digestive reactions, you can divide the daily ration into several small portions. In this way, the animal will feel full all day and get used to the new food gradually.

It is also important to make sure the food is appropriate for the health condition of the animal. You can choose food according to breed or taking into account allergies, digestive problems, kidney problems and so on. And in all cases, you should stay in regular contact with your doctor to get professional advice on your dog's nutrition in a timely manner.

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