How often to water seedlings for good growth: tips

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Proper watering is the key to the health of young plants

The future harvest largely depends on the health of the seedlings, and it is impossible to grow strong sprouts without proper watering in principle.

But what should this proper watering be like? OBOZ.UA asked about the life hacks of experienced gardeners. They will help ensure the correct level of moisture for the seedlings and prevent them from rotting or molding.

Take only soft water

Plants that have just emerged from the ground are absolutely unsuitable for hard tap water. The watering liquid must be settled or filtered. You can also use drinking water directly.

Don't forget about drainage

High-quality seedling soil itself retains just enough liquid as the plants need. But for it to work well, the pot must have a drainage hole where all the excess will drain away.

Choose the right time to water

Water the pots as needed to prevent the soil from drying out. To do this, regularly check the soil with your finger. Usually, watering seedlings once every day or two is sufficient. The best time to water is early morning or late evening when the sun does not warm the soil, and it is generally cooler, meaning moisture evaporates more slowly from the ground.

Water from below

To avoid overwatering the young plants, you can moisten them by watering from below. To do this, do not pour water into the pot but place the pots in a tray and add moisture there. The soil will absorb as much liquid as needed. But for this, there still must be a drainage hole in the bottom of the vessel.

Monitor the condition of the plants

Don't just look at the level of soil moisture. Pay attention to the condition of the seedlings themselves. If they begin to wither and wilt, the plant probably lacks water or you may be overwatering it. At the slightest sign of a change in the condition of the seedlings, make appropriate adjustments to the watering regime.

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