How often should you wash clothes: experts give advice on key items

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Washing after every wear is too wasteful

Sometimes it seems that life is almost half laundry. No sooner do you take one batch of dried clothes out of the dryer than the laundry basket is full again. Cleaning experts say that if this story is about you, you probably wash at least some of your clothes too often.

According to iNews, some studies show that about one in five people wash clothes that haven't even had time to get dirty. And this is a waste of time, water, electricity, and detergents, which are also far from free. In addition, washing clothes wears them out.

When to wash clothes correctly

The rule here is simple: if you are not talking about underwear that comes into direct contact with the body or things that you sweat in, you do not need to send them to the laundry after one wear. If there is no odor from the item or you do not see any obvious dirt on it, it is perfectly fine to wear it again. The following frequency of washing can be considered optimal, depending on the type of item

  • any underwear and socks - after each wearing;
  • bras - after you have worn it 4-7 times;
  • t-shirts, shirts, blouses - 2-3 times, if you don't sweat a lot, you have to wash them more often in the heat;
  • skirts - can be worn 4-5 times before the next wash;
  • pants - wash after 2-3 wearings;
  • dresses - after 2-3 times.

How to care for clothes between washings

To always have clean clothes, you don't need to wash them every time. You can follow simple life hacks for care.

Shake and ventilate

When you take an item off, shake it properly to remove any dust. Then hang it in a ventilated area to freshen it up.

Steam it

Using a simple steamer will remove any faint odors, cleanse minor dirt, and smooth out wrinkles. This care is much more delicate than a full-fledged wash and can replace it if the item is not dirty.

Remove stains

Small stains on clothes can be washed out without washing the entire garment. The main thing is to do it immediately and use cool water, because hot water will only drive the pollutant deeper into the fibers and fix the stain, especially if it is of protein origin.

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