How not to freeze at night in a cold apartment: useful life hacks from sleep experts

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You can only sleep well in a sufficiently warm bed

Feeling cold at night can disrupt your sleep. The inability to keep warm prevents you from falling asleep and can wake you up at night. That's why sleep experts advise those who have trouble getting a good night's rest to pay special attention to whether they're cold in the bedroom.

If you are fidgeting in bed because your apartment is cold, try at least one of the life hacks advised by experts on proper sleep. OBOZ.UA will tell you all the details.

Choose the right blanket

The best choice for a winter night is a down duvet. It is heavy enough to create a feeling of coziness, and at the same time permeable to air, which will allow your body to breathe freely during sleep. For maximum comfort, place it on top of your usual thin blanket. This way, you will create familiar tactile sensations and provide additional warmth.

Use a woolen sheet

Wool retains heat well, keeping it at a comfortable level for humans. To ensure a cozy sleep, place a woolen sheet on your bed. If you are sensitive to wool and it "bites" you, cover the bed with a cotton cloth on top. It will be even warmer.

Choose the right pajamas

Popular fleece pajamas are good at keeping you warm. But they are made of synthetics that do not breathe well, so you may wake up in the middle of the night feeling very hot. Therefore, give preference to sleepwear made of natural fabrics. And don't forget about socks. It can be difficult to keep your feet warm even under a very thick blanket. So before you go to bed, wear socks. But give preference to models without an elastic band so that they do not interfere with blood circulation in the legs.

Use a heating pad

If you get into a cold bed in the evening, it can take you a long time to fall asleep. So before you crawl under the covers, warm the bed with a heating pad. You can buy a special device, or you can simply put hot water in a plastic bottle – this design will also do the trick.

Install a thermal curtain

If you can't warm up your bedroom in any way and even the warmest bed doesn't help, try installing thermal curtains on the doors and windows. They are relatively inexpensive, easy to install with magnets or adhesive tape, and block heat loss well. And when the need for them disappears, they can be easily removed and hidden until next winter.

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