How much onions to sow for a family to last a year: tips

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Harvesting onions

Onions are a fairly unpretentious crop, but to get a generous and high-quality harvest, it is important to follow certain planting rules. You can sow the seeds directly into the ground, although experts advise preparing seedlings first.

It's important to choose the optimal container and not to bury the seeds too deeply, as it will take much longer to germinate. Read the OBOZ.UA article to learn how to sow onions correctly and how much you need to get enough for a year.

Ways to grow onions

Experienced gardeners distinguish three ways to grow onions:

  1. Growing greens from onion heads - you can have fresh green feathers all winter long by planting onions on the windowsill, with the first harvest coming up in 15-20 days.
  2. Growing onion heads in the open field - this method involves obtaining bulbs from a seedling.
  3. Growing heads from seeds for one season - seeds can be sown in open ground, but experts warn that you will have to take care of the garden carefully, because while the seedlings are growing, they can be killed by weeds. It is better to start with growing seedlings.

Experts also calculated the optimal number of crops and noted that seedlings are planted at a distance of 5-6 m with row spacing of 25-30 cm, which means 60-70 seedlings per 1 sq.m. Let's assume that each seedling will produce a bulb weighing 100 g - thus, 6-7 kg of onions can be obtained from 1 square meter.

How to grow onions in seedlings

The following varieties yield the largest and highest quality crops:

  • Strigunovsky
  • Сhalcedony
  • Karatalsky
  • Lugansky;
  • Stuttgarter.

The first step is to take several containers and fill them with soil. The layer thickness should be 4-5 cm - this way the seedlings will develop a fibrous root system and will be easy to remove when transplanting. If there is an excessive amount of soil or deep planting, there is a risk that the seedlings will grow long roots that will be damaged or broken off during transplantation.

It is better to sow the seeds in rows to ensure air access to the roots when loosening the row spacing.

Furrows should be made at a distance of 2-3 cm from each other, no more than 1 cm deep. After planting the seeds, the soil should be thoroughly watered.

The optimum temperature for germination of the first seedlings is 22-27 ⁰C. After that, it is better to choose a cooler place with a temperature of 18-20 ⁰C.

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