"He was bleeding to death after a direct hit by a tank": doctors in Dnipro spent six hours saving the life of a famous rower

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Volodymyr Dziubynskyi preparing for prosthetics

Volodymyr Dziubynskyi, a well-known athlete from Mykolaiv, a participant in the World and European rowing championships, was seriously wounded in the battles with the Russian occupiers. Doctors in Dnipro fought for the hero's life for six hours and won the battle. Although Volodymyr will no longer be able to fight, the main thing is that his fiancée Oksana is by his side.

Dziubynskyi, 26, is a graduate of Mykolaiv College and a scholarship holder of the mayor. During his active sports career, the rower was a multiple champion of Ukraine and a participant in major international forums, and won the European Championships. He competed in the lightweight coxless four.


After his career, Volodymyr chose the police. When the full-scale war broke out, he went to defend Ukraine. He was wounded three times, but returned to his comrades. Recently, he fought against the occupiers in the east of the country.


On April 9, Dziubynskyi's aunt Maria Tyukova reported the injury, which almost ended in tragedy, on her Instagram page. After a shot from a Russian tank, the rower's leg was blown off. While doctors in Dnipro were fighting for his life for six hours, his family and fiancée Oksana were with him.


"He repeated her name like a prayer... A fight with death. An athlete who fought for championships in Ukraine and abroad in rowing. Bleeding to death after a direct hit from a tank, with his leg severed and with doctors' desire to save the limb, he was taken to Mechnikov," said Sergiy Ryzhenko, CEO of the Mechnikov Dnipro Regional Clinical Hospital.


Unfortunately, Ryzhenko says, a miracle did not happen. Volodymyr returned to his comrades three times after being wounded, but the situation with his leg put him out of action.

"Valeriy Tomilin, head of the Trauma Centre, performed an operation that will speed up his rehabilitation and fit him with a reliable prosthesis. All his friends do not forget the hero and are waiting for him to return to service as an instructor," added the head of the Dnipro hospital where Ukrainian defenders are saved every day.


"It is very important that in such a difficult time Oksana is constantly with her beloved! Together they will overcome everything!" said Tomilin, the attending physician.


"It's very important that Oksana is around. We didn't have time to get married before the war. "She is my 'leg', my heart and my love. We will definitely win and have our wedding in my native Mykolaiv," says the rower, who has already started to walk on crutches.

And according to Sergiy Ryzhenko, despite his severe injury, Dzyubinskyi's eyes sparkle with positive energy and a desire to live happily and freely.


Earlier, OBOZREVATEL reported that doctors had been fighting for the life of the 4-time world champion and former Ivano-Frankivsk deputy who fought in Donbas for two days.

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