Grated pie in a new way: what will give an original flavor to the dessert

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The recipe for the pie
Pie Recipe

The simplest and yet very tasty homemade pie is grated. It's very quick and easy to make, all you have to do is make a good shortbread dough and a tasty filling. For the filling you can use: jam, nuts, fresh and frozen berries, fruit.

Cherry grated pie

Culinarian Olga Matvey shared on Instagram a recipe for a delicious grated apple pie that is very easy to make and would be the perfect dessert for tea.

Pie Recipe


  • Butter - 200 gr
  • Eggs - 1 pc.
  • Sugar - 2-3 tbsp.
  • Baking powder - 1 tsp.
  • Flour - 390 gr
  • Salt - 1/4 tsp.


  • Apples - 4-5 pcs.
  • Lemon juice - 2 tbsp.
  • Sugar - 2 tbsp.

Method of preparation:

1. Mix the flour with the baking powder, salt. Rub the butter with the flour, add the egg and knead the dough. Divide into 2 parts and put both in the refrigerator.

Pie Dough


2. Grate the apples, sprinkle with lemon juice, add sugar and mix.

Apple Stuffing


3. Place most of the dough in the mold, top with the apple filling. Sprinkle the grated pastry on top.

Cooking the Pie

4. Bake the pie until done.

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