For Belarusians to join in: Russian military tried to arrange provocations on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border. Interception.

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The Russian army is trying to organise provocations on the border of Belarus and Ukraine

The aggressor country, Russia, has not given up its attempts to directly involve Belarus in the war against Ukraine. To do this, the Russian occupiers are staging provocations on the Ukrainian-Belarusian border.

This became known from a telephone conversation between two Russian military officers intercepted by the Security Service of Ukraine (to listen, scroll to the end of the page). One of these invaders is currently in Belarus, and the other is fighting against Ukraine in the Donetsk sector.

The former said that the Russian Federation wants Belarusians to join the Russians in the fighting. The enemy uses any method to achieve this.

"We are in the same city (in Belarus - Ed.). They are also stirring things up here... They go for provocations, for all sorts of bullshit... In short, they are provoking the kh*khols from this side to attack Belarus... Well, to get them to join in, I guess. There are about a thousand and a half of us here," the Russian soldier said.

Meanwhile, the occupier, who is in the Donetsk region, hopes that his colleagues in Belarus will also be transferred there. However, the Russian command has other plans for these soldiers - they are constantly being transferred across Belarus from one border to another.

"We are moving from place to place again. Every day we move! We have already been all over Belarus. We were in one city, now we have moved to the border with Poland. Near Poland," the Russian said.

The video contains foul language, 18+!

As reported by OBOZREVATEL:

- Russia's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has begun to promote a fake about plans to overthrow the regime of self-proclaimed President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko. To do this, Kyiv may allegedly send saboteurs to the territory of Belarus.

- Meanwhile, the State Border Guard Service of Belarus reported that there are currently no Russian strike groups in Belarus near the border with Ukraine that could invade our country. However, there is a possibility that the occupiers may organise provocations.

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