Flying Jobs and Artificial Intelligence - Millie on Future Warfare Technology

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Gen. Mark Milley

"We are experiencing the most fundamental change in the nature of warfare in history, and it's mostly because of technology," General Mark Milley, head of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, told Foreing Affairs ( "How to Avoid Great States War" ).

I "extracted" only one fragment for you - about the technology of war.

Fundamental changes in the ability to shoot.

- High-precision ammunition and ubiquitous sensors. We can deliver long-range precision fire with greater accuracy, at greater distances than ever before in human history. And it's not just us, but the Russians and the Chinese and other countries can do the same.

- In addition to range and accuracy, hypersonic technology is emerging that can move at speeds that are currently unprotected.

There have been fundamental changes in the ability to see.

- A digital watch, a GPS sensor, an iPhone - these are all trackers that can be monitored from the outside. We-not just us-have the ability to "see" and "feel" this environment like never before.

- You can go to Google Earth and get mapping data and view satellite images that were only available to the most advanced military in the world 5-10 years ago.

The ability to see, plus the ability to shoot from a long distance and with an accuracy that has never been seen before - these two capabilities alone herald a change in the fundamental nature of warfare. Add to this the rapidly developing technology of robotics.

- We are developing unmanned maritime vehicles, both surface and underwater.

- We are experimenting with modern fighters and bombers that will be essentially unmanned.

- In the future, you will see trucks and tanks, a large percentage of which will be unmanned. Robotics is entering the entire military much faster than people might think.

Add the ability to make quick decisions with great accuracy. Artificial intelligence and quantum computing combined with robotics have become a dominant factor in warfare. Combine this with the fields of cybernetics and space.

"The country that optimizes these technologies will have a decisive advantage, at least at the beginning and in the first frames of the next war. I want that country to be the United States," Milley summarized.

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