Flowers not to plant on graves: what to replace them with

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It is better to prefer live plants for decorating graves

On the eve of the memorial days that follow shortly after Easter, Ukrainians begin to prepare for the arrangement of their loved ones' graves. One of the main questions is what to plant on the grave, and what flowers to choose.

Of course, fresh flowers will be a better decoration for a grave than a plastic bouquet. OBOZREVATEL figured out which plants are suitable for this purpose.

What flowers will be appropriate at the cemetery

Florists recommend opting for unpretentious perennial flowers that winter well in the open field. These include, for example, dahlias, chrysanthemums, periwinkles, calendula, and peonies.

Plants that cover a horizontal area with a carpet, such as periwinkle, will look good. In particular, it will inhibit the growth of weeds, and the grave will always look well-groomed. Sedum and loosestrife will work similarly.

Flowers that grow in bunches will decorate the grave. These include, first of all, irises - these flowers are considered a symbol of mourning, so they will look very appropriate at the cemetery. A similar option is daffodils.

Even its name hints at the symbolism that is put into it. In addition, it is an unpretentious flower that grows well in the sun and the shade and is very undemanding to the soil.

How to choose flowers for planting on a grave

There are no strict prohibitions against decorating graves with live plants. In any case, flowers that the person loved during their lifetime will be a good choice. This will be a wonderful sign of memory of the deceased.

As for other tips, experts recommend taking into account the illumination of the burial site. So for graves that are in the shade, primrose, sleeping grass, and moss are well-suited. And for those that are directly exposed to the sun, it is good to choose a youngster, phlox, stonecrop, Iberis, or Aubrieta.

As for the colors, it is better to give preference to restrained shades - too bright flowers may look a bit out of place, drawing excessive attention to the headstone.

From a practical point of view, it is better to choose the same flowers as those growing on neighboring graves. Rare or exotic plants can simply be stolen.

Earlier, OBOZREVATEL told what flowers should not be brought to the cemetery in bouquets.

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