"First they wanted to push back the borders of NATO, it turned out somehow wrong": Skabeyeva saddened by the course of the war against Ukraine. Video

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Russian propagandists cannot make up their minds about the "goals" of Russia's invasion of Ukraine, nor about what to consider a victory for Russia in the war it has unleashed. Russian propagandist Olga Skabeeva, for example, went from "three days before Kyiv" to dreams of a complete seizure of the four Ukrainian regions that Russia has declared "it's own.

She sadly acknowledged that her previous "goals" of "pushing back the borders of NATO" from Russia had failed. A segment from a propaganda show on a Russian federal channel, in which Skabeyeva and one of the "experts" try to make sense of the senseless and bloody slaughter in Ukraine, has surfaced online.

In this video, one of the "experts" on Russian television, Dmitry Abzalov, asks: what, in fact, does Russia want to achieve as a result of the protracted full-scale war against Ukraine?

"What will be the victory for us? That's the most important question for us, I suppose, this year. And what do we even envision victory to be? And that question, in fact, is the one we need to ask ourselves first and foremost. Because Zelensky's task is that there is a summit, he is trying to get to it accordingly already after all this process ...". - Abzalov is speculating on Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky's statements that Ukraine is expecting some specifics from the NATO summit in July about the security guarantees and prospects of the Euro-Atlantic integration of our country.

However, the propagandist interrupts him.

"Well for now the intermediate option for us is at least the liberation of those four regions that we have written in our constitution. Whether it will be a victory is a big question, especially taking into account that initially we wanted to move back the borders of NATO. That's not how it worked out yet," she presents her own version of the "goals" of the Russian Federation - some of which Skabeyeva admits have been completely "compromised" compared with the declarations made a year ago.

The "expert" replies that "pushing back the borders of NATO" in the context of the invasion of Ukraine is nonsense.

"Given that Ukraine has never been a member of NATO, the military operation in Ukraine does not push back the borders of NATO in any way. But the issue is different. We don't know yet ourselves, right now, in May 2023, what exactly this victory will be and what it will be," he said.


Recall, earlier Skabeyeva was upset about the satellite photos of trenches in the Crimea and "dragon's teeth." The propagandist realized that in the 21st century, when you can see everything to the meter and in detail from satellites, Russia simply is not able to conceal anything from the main "enemy", the United States. Moreover, the Americans share what they see with the Ukrainians, hence Ukraine is aware of exactly how the Russian Federation intends to "defend itself" against the counterattack by the AFU.

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