Find all the hidden objects: a confusing Christmas puzzle

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Christmas puzzle

Optical illusions are designed to test our observation, attentiveness, concentration, and ability to quickly find solutions in unusual situations. If you want to improve your memory, logical and analytical thinking, you need to solve various puzzles more often.

Attic Self Storage has created a challenging Christmas optical illusion that only the most attentive will be able to solve. You have only 16 seconds to find the answer.

The picture shows Santa Claus and his elves in his workshop on Christmas Eve. You need to see six hidden objects: a Nutcracker soldier toy, Santa's hat, a pie, a stocking, a bird, and a Christmas firecracker. Divide the picture into parts and look at each one carefully.

Find the six hidden objects

This puzzle will definitely keep you interested and make you strain your brain and eyesight. By solving such tasks, you will be able to increase your IQ level, which will help you to skillfully end any problem as a winner.

At first, such optical illusions seem easy and childish, but well-hidden small details show the opposite, and then you realize that not everything is as fabulous as it seems.

If you were able to find all six hidden objects, you have sharp eyesight and intelligence. But if you still failed to see the correct answers, they are circled below.

The answer

Earlier, OBOZ.UA published a fun New Year's puzzle in whice you need to find Santa.

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