Fans of crab sticks will be shocked: the network showed what the popular product is made from

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The process of making crab sticks turned out to be unappetizing in appearance

Crab sticks are a very popular snack, appreciated for their pleasant light taste and high protein content, allowing you to feel full quickly. However, a recently published video on the internet appears to seriously undermine the reputation of this product.

The video surfaced on the Reddit website and subsequently went viral on various social networks. It reveals the process of making crab sticks. (To watch the video, scroll down to the end of the news story.)

The story about the popular snack was filmed at a large factory in Thailand where crab sticks are manufactured. The sight was so unappetizing that it elicited a strong reaction from commentators.

The process of making crab sticks begins with loading grayish briquettes into a grinder. These are chopped and frozen white fish fillets of inexpensive varieties, mostly pollock — this product is called surimi. The resulting mass is then fed to the next machine, where other ingredients are added, including salt and egg whites.

In the next stage, oil and sugar are added to the mixture for sticks. Then the resulting product is whipped until it is homogeneous. This is where it starts to look very unappetizing. It turns out to be a gray paste with a jelly-like consistency. This paste is then used to form strips, which are rolled into layers and cut. The resulting layers should mimic the consistency of natural crab meat.

The snack manufacturing process is completed when the product is coated with an orange-red dye that mimics the color of crab meat and wrapped in plastic. Then they are frozen and put into commercial packaging to be shipped to supermarkets around the world.

Reddit users were not impressed with what they saw. They called the crab sticks "sea hot dogs," and many said they would never buy this snack again.

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