Europe's best gastronomic destinations: you'll get a lot of recipes from here

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European gastronomic resorts

People have long ceased to regard eating solely as something necessary for life. It is a whole ritual that can be quite satisfying. Just imagine how many different dishes you have tasted, and how different cities (or even people) you associate with specific tastes. So gastronomic tourism is not something strange now, it is a popular type of vacation.

Provence (France)

Local chefs take the quality of the ingredients used to make their culinary masterpieces very seriously. In Provencal restaurants, you will rarely see out-of-season dishes, supermarket meats or vegetables "flavored" with pesticides.

The ideology of organic food prevails here, so most establishments have contracts with local farmers and carefully check the quality of all products. That's why Provence is one of the best gastronomic destinations in Europe.

What to try

  • Provencal meat is tender beef that is stewed for 8 hours in a clay pot, adding vegetables, bacon, orange zest and red wine. It is cooked mostly in winter and served with polenta, a corn dish that tastes a lot like grits.
  • Ratatouille is a culinary specialty of Provence, best tasted in summer and fall. The dish is prepared exclusively with seasonal vegetables, in particular tomatoes, zucchini, peppers, eggplants. All this is cut into rings and stewed with olive oil and herbs. Sometimes tomato sauce is also added.
  • Nicoise is a delicious summer salad with lots of vegetables, anchovies, and boiled eggs. It is still unknown where this recipe actually came from, because there is a "fight" for it between different countries. However, the people of Provence are absolutely certain that the dish is entirely theirs.

Alta Badia (Italy)

In Italy, almost every city is famous for unique gastronomic masterpieces. Just look at the local pizza or delicate pasta. However, the cuisine of Alta Badia is very different from what we are used to seeing in this country.

What to try

  • Toutres are incredibly delicate pancakes filled with spinach, poppy seeds, ricotta, sauerkraut, or potatoes. This dish is served with various local sauces and, of course, quality wine.
  • Barley soup is like a soup made for cooler days. It is prepared in a rich broth. Vegetables and smoked meat are also added to this dish.
  • Canederli are boiled dough items that are served with first courses. They are usually made with different fillings. The locals like them best with smoked meat, mushrooms or sauerkraut.

Valletta, Malta

Maltese food combines the best of Arab, French, British and Sicilian culinary traditions. There are also national characteristics that will delight your taste buds from the first second.

What to Try

  • Lampuki is a pie made with white fish, tomatoes, and capers. All this is baked in a puff pastry and generously sprinkled with mint.
  • Rabbit stew is also very popular with tourists coming to Valletta. It is cooked in a wine marinade and herbs.
  • Pastizzi is another traditional Maltese dish. They are puff pastries with cheese or peas. They are sold at almost every corner.

Amsterdam (Netherlands)

Amsterdam is famous not only for its world-famous cannabis cakes. Any gourmet will appreciate the local cuisine full of European dishes with an Indonesian accent. Rich flavors, lots of spices and unique recipes - all this awaits you in this bright city.

What to Try

  • Pea soup is certainly a favorite of most locals. It is cooked very thick and has the consistency of a soup puree. But it has a bright green color instead of the yellow color we are accustomed to. Smoked sausages and a lot of meat are added to the dish.
  • Stumppot is a traditional Dutch mashed potato based on onions, potatoes, and carrots. It is served with stewed vegetables or meat balls similar to our cutlets.
  • Croquers are Amsterdam's most popular snack. It is made of both meat and vegetables cooked in a deep fryer. It is served with ketchup or any other sauce.

Vienna (Austria)

Viennese cuisine is different from anything you've ever tasted. There are so many different dishes, both sweet and savory, that everyone can find something for themselves. But start with the local coffee, the taste of which you'll never forget.

What to try

  • Tafelspitz is boiled beef served with applesauce, sour cream sauce or spinach and a generous splash of broth. As a side dish, you may be offered baked potatoes or beans. By the way, this is a favorite dish of Emperor Franz Joseph I, who ruled Austria in the 19th century.
  • Hot sausages are grilled and sold at almost every turn. It's Vienna's most popular fast food and is loved here.
  • Vienna ribs are a must at one of the local pubs that serve Kraft Austrian beer. They are slow-roasted with spices and served with different sauces.

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