Drone attacks Gazprom building in the Belgorod region, railway sabotage in Moscow. Photo.

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There were no casualties

Another series of sabotage attacks took place in the terrorist country of Russia. In the Belgorod region, a drone attacked a Gazprom building, and in Moscow, a railway sabotage took place.

This was reported by Russian media. Thus, the explosion in the village of Oktyabrsky, Belgorod region, occurred at around 11pm on May 25.

As a result of the alleged UAV attack, windows were smashed in the building, and the facade and roof were damaged. According to preliminary reports, there were no casualties.

In addition, "saboteurs" burned down a relay cabinet on a railway in Moscow. It happened on Friday night near the Chukhlinka station on Karacharovskaya Street. At the very beginning of the fire, a suspicious group in overalls was seen at the scene. They were called out and the arsonists fled.

"Three unidentified men with flashlights first looked around the railway tracks, and then took out a container of flammable liquid, poured it on the relay cabinet and set it on fire. They did not even hide their faces behind balaclavas or hoods. They were dressed in overalls, presumably for camouflage," the Russian media noted.

It is noted that the fire had to be extinguished by firefighters, and now Russian investigative authorities are working at the scene. Moscow is looking for three saboteurs who set fire to a relay cabinet.


As OBOZREVATEL previously reported:

- On May 22, Russian volunteers fighting for Ukraine reported a new, third raid on Russian territory. They announced the "liberation of Kozynka" in Belgorod region and the entry of advanced groups into Grayvoron.

- The DIU confirmed that Russian volunteers were conducting an operation in the Belgorod region and named its main goal.

- Belgorod Governor Vyacheslav Gladkov announced the launch of a "counter-terrorist operation" in the region, and the Defence Intelligence of Ukraine reported that nuclear stockpiles had been evacuated from the region. Read more about these events in OBOZREVATEL's article.

- It is possible that the purpose of the Russian Volunteer Corps' special operation is to seize a nuclear weapons storage facility located near the village of Antonivka. It is the capture, not the destruction, otherwise drones or missiles would have been used.

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