Don't throw it away: what to do with your Christmas tree after New Year's holidays

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What to do with the Christmas tree after the New Year

Indoor conditions are unfavorable for live Christmas trees. In winter, conifers are dormant, and sudden stress can lead to rapid shedding and yellowing of the branches. A live Christmas tree should not be simply thrown away in landfills or left next to containers on the sidewalk.

At the landfill, the tree will start to rot along with other garbage, and this process will release harmful methane. The Express has published some interesting ideas for using pine needles after the New Year holidays.

What to do with the Christmas tree after the holidays

A live Christmas tree should be taken to special recycling centers where it will be chopped into wood chips. These small branches will then become a high-quality fertilizer for young plantings. By the way, pine needles are a source of vitamin C and other nutrients for cows, goats, bison, camels in zoos, etc.

Chris Bonnett, founder of Gardening Express, emphasized, "Once the tree has fulfilled its festive purpose, it can be recycled for gardening, wildlife support, or craft projects." He spoke about eco-friendly and useful life hacks.


All the organic matter of a Christmas tree can be turned into natural mulch. Mulch helps to keep the plant or tree warm and saturates it with nutrients during the winter months.

Take care of wildlife

The expert advises leaving the tree in the forest. It will become a shelter for small animals and birds, where they can stay during harsh weather conditions. You can hang bird food, fruit slices or seeds on the branches.

Branches as insulation

According to Chris, pine branches can protect vulnerable plants from frost. Cut large branches from the tree and then place them on the soil to provide insulation and reduce soil freezing.

Support for young plants

Chris recommended clearing the branches of needles and using them to support tender and young plants during winter winds and frost. To prevent root damage, plant the stakes about two to three inches from the plant stem. Remember to set the stakes at an angle to provide the plant with better protection from the wind.

Scented sachets

Pine needles have a rich aroma that makes them a great addition to scented sachets. Simply add needles to small bags of herbs and tie a ribbon on top before putting them in the cupboard for a fresh scent.

Earlier, OBOZ.UA told you how to make scented soap from chopped pine needles.

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