Do not throw them away: what to do with sprouted vegetables

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Sprouted fruits can be turned into a powerful source of vitamins

Sprouting is a common problem when storing vegetables at home. Root vegetables and bulbs often sprout young shoots and lose their flavor.

As a rule, we throw such vegetables in the trash. But don't rush to do so next time. Almost all sprouting vegetables can become a source of vitamins and minerals if you turn them into microgreens. Only potatoes are not suitable for this. OBOZ.UA will tell you how to turn sprouted fruit into healthy greens.


Beet greens are considered a valuable ingredient for salads. Even adult beets, let alone young ones. If you notice that the beets in your stocks have begun to sprout, put them in water for 3-5 days, and when they take root, plant them in a pot of soil. Soon you will be able to harvest nutritious sprouts from it.


Young carrot greens are valued for their original taste and nutritional composition. And it is as easy to sprout as beets. Cut off the sprouted part of the root vegetable, place it in water for a few days, and then plant it in the ground.


Onions can be grown for herbs even without soil. Place the sprouted bulb in a glass and pour enough water into it so that the roots on the bottom of the fruit are submerged and the rest remains in the air. Make sure that the water does not rot or evaporate completely and you will get young and juicy green onions. You can also plant the sprouted bulb in the ground, which is also an effective way.


Garlic can be grown in a similar way. But it is still better to keep it in the soil or use wet sawdust, which is also a good substrate for it.


The center of a head of cabbage that you throw in the trash can actually serve as a source of nutritious greens. Simply stick it in the ground with the stem at the bottom and water it from time to time. Soon you will get wonderful sprouts rich in trace elements and vitamins.

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